I do not submit claims to insurance companies; rather, I accept payment of my $200/hour fee by cash, check, or credit card. If you choose to submit receipts to your insurance company for reimbursement, I am happy to provide the information required.

In order for sessions to be reimbursed by an insurance company, one member of the couple or family will require a mental health diagnosis. Because much of the work done here is relational in nature, I believe that diagnosing an individual simply for the purpose of insurance reimbursement is inappropriate. Moreover, insurance companies may require additional clinical information, such as treatment plans, clinical summaries, or copies of your entire clinical record. You must also be aware that submitting a mental health invoice fo reimbursement carries a certain amount of risk to confidentiality, privacy, or future capacity to obtain health or life insurance, or even a job. The risk stems from the fact that mental health information is likely to be entered into insurance companies’ computers, and is likely to be reported to the National Medical Data Bank. Accessibility to companies’ computers or to the National Medical Data Bank is always in question, as compusers are inherently vulnerable to hacking an unauthorized access. Medical data has also been rexported to have been legally accessed by law enrorcement and other agencies, which puts you in a vulnerable position. 


If things are going to get better for you in therapy,your therapist should know within the first four to six sessions.