We Were in a Bad Place

 We were in a very bad place and you really stopped us from going down a terrible path. However, we both heard from you things we didn't necessarily want to hear, but needed to.  We still have bad days.  But all in all things are slowly improving in our marriage. 

Many Helpful Suggestions

I heard Dr. Cramer on the radio and was having some marital problems, as well as anxiety. I didn’t feel I could go to anybody to tell my problems to. After hearing how Dr. Cramer handled the problems she was presented, I felt that she was someone I could talk to. Since seeing her as a patient, I felt she has definitely helped me. Dr. Cramer is very compassionate and understanding, and has offered many helpful suggestions. 


You offered much needed perspective and objective insight to helping us improve our communication. With your support, we were able to clearly identify the root cause of our struggles.

Thank you again for the important work you do, for your compassionate heart and for the role you played in keeping our family together.

Before Our Family Went to See You, I Felt Hopeless

We went through so many doctors without any results. Your laid back style gained his trust, along with your impressive knowledge, we finally got somewhere. I love how you involved the whole family in helping us get well. 

You Helped Us Become Better Parents

 I just wanted to thank you for all your help. You helped us on our path to become better partners in a relationship. I am happy to say we are doing so much better and learned how to communicate!! We still have some challenges but I think we can get through it. Thank you so much for everything you taught us.  


Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation.-Oscar Wilde